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We are SushiTake, a multinational company with high experience in the field of high quality handmade sushi. We can state that we are able to offer you the most original recipes, daily prepared from our Sushimen, in order to let the taste of the best japanese culture invade your kitchen with unique flavors.
Why are we different? It’s easy! Our recipes are original with a touch of modernity and sophistication.
Welcome to the high quality Sushi world!
Welcome to SushiTake!



Ti piacerebbe lavorare con una società in continua espansione? Avanti! Siamo lieti di sentirti.

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Everything you need to know on Nori seaweed

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Nori is a type of seaweed widely consumed in oriental countries. It is rich of nutritional properties thank to its contents of vitamin and minerals like iodine, which make it perfect to prevent hyperthyroidism.

It has got a high level of minerals like potassium, magnesium, iodine, and iron, and high ability to reduce the levels of blood fat.

Nori seaweed is ideal to mantain healthy and strong hair and nails, and to protect them from the risk of cleavage.

Being a source of iron, calcium and iodine, means that it is ideal for children, essential to grow healthy and strong.

It has got a high level of vitamins and antioxidants, ideal for our skin care

Vitamins neutralized and prevent the formation of free radicals involved in the cellular senescence

It retains heavy metals and helps their elimination. It controls cholesterol level and prevent cardiovascular problems.

Nutritional information about Nori seaweed (100g): 

24 – 35% proteins; 350-470mg. Calcium; from 2 to 8 mg. Iodine; from 30 to 40 mg. Iron; 3.200 mg. Potassium; 80-90 mg. Magnesium; 10.000  beta carotene (provitamin A). Then it is an essential ingredient of japanese diet and of sushi in particular. It is a clear source of good elements for our health.


Omega 3 and sushi, a source of life

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Omega 3 is a lipid substance of fatty insaturated acids belonging to the long chain. His consume between two or three times per week, ensure the protection against cardiovascular deseases. Fish, especially the bluefish and seafood are rich of this type of fatty acids. For this reason it is important to include them on our diet. Sushi is a great source of this kind of fat.

The most recommended bluefish are anchovies, salmon, sardines, trout, herring, tuna, mackerel, horse mackerel, pompanos, crab, prawns, mussels and oysters…

The Omega 3 are healthy for most of the people, included pregnant and lactating women. Some benefits of the Omega 3 are:

It protect you against cancer; in particular colon, prostate and breast cancer.

It prevents the formation of arterial blood clot and platelet aggregation.

It reduces cholesterol and triglycerides level

It reduces blood pressure in persons who have mild hypertension

Fluidifies blood and protect the body from strokes, heart attacks and angina pectoris

Increases the cardiac impulses to the heart which regulate heart rate and prevent cardiovascular deseases.

For further information concerning the benefits of our fish and products we offer, come and visit our stands. Our Sushimen will be pleased to help you!


Jiro Ono, best sushi chef of the world

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Jiro, the great chef of japanese kitchen

Jiro Ono is said to be the best Sushi Chef of the entire world. And we are sure of that, because Jiro is considered to be a “national treasure” in Japan, which is a privilege that just few people have reached during the course of their lives.

His restaurant “Sukiyabashi Jiro”in Tokio, has been awarded with three Michelin stars, despite it finds itself in Ginza Metro station, and has got just ten places to sit in a small bar.

If your intention is to visit Tokio, you could seize the opportunity to try it. You will naturally  necessary have a lot of patience. “Jiro dreams of sushi” is a documentary, which narrate the famous chef’s life.

During his 85 years he has improved a lot the art of making sushi, achieving a very high quality level. The sensitivity used while preparing japanese dishes is  simply magistral. “Jiro dreams of Sushi” explores how much passionate and dedicated you need to be to run a legendary Sushi restaurant. We leave you here the video of the documentary trailer.


New Sushitake Website

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From Sushitake we are pleased to present you our brand new website, with a more attractive and functional design. We have also enforced the support of mobile devices and the accessibility to each stand. We invite you to visit our Website to discover why we like to offer the best products and great freshness. Moreover we have inserted a new functional Blog in which we will publish news concerning the wonderful sushi world and japanese food. Further more, we will promptly inform you about working journeys, fairs and events at which we will take part, and also about our delicious new recipes.

Ultimately we would like to be a reference point in the sushi world and we invite you to come and visit us. This will be your space.



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